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Letter from Queen of Peace Church

It is without reservation that I recommend Dajon Associates, Incorporated of 12 Dyatt Place, Hackensack, New Jersey to you and to all.

Queen of Peace in Ocala, Florida had a very extensive roof leak dropping as much as six gallons of water inside the Church and who knows how much in the walls, columns and soiffits during major rains. This leak continued from day one of the building completed in July of 1993 right up until December of 2003, when Dajon Associates repaired all damage. Sub-terranian termites had infested a major truss about 2 ½ feet high and 9 inches wide, eating it down to about 2 inches thick all around. Dozen of attempts had been made by different companies to repair the leak to no avail. As of December 2003, all termites are gone, the beam repaired and no leak. This roof could have come down on top of us.

Again, it is without reservation that I recommend Dajon Associates to you. Before, during and after construction, they were outstanding for their quality and responsiveness.





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