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Various Projects

Many existing facilities require a structural modification to be able to meet the current building requirements. Dajon Associates performs a variety of structural reinforcements which strengthen and enhance the existing roof system. The allowable stress in tension was reduced around 1970. This reduction had an impact on both laminated members and solid members. From a theoretical standpoint, most bottom chord sections in modified bow string trusses were deemed to be overstressed. This theoretical reality encompasses many other structural members beside trusses. Dajon continues to work with various owners to identify these theoretical problems before they become practical problems and threaten a business interruption.

Project: J R Cigar



Picture 1- J R Cigar- Whippany , NJ
- Heel connection of a post tension rod system.
This is the anchor system which helps the bottom chord harness the top chord once the new tension rods are installed.


Picture 2- J R Cigar- Whippany , NJ
- The rod system typically runs along both sides of the existing modified bow string truss

Picture 3- J R Cigar- Whippany , NJ
- The proper design of the rod system allows for the installation around and of through various obstructions.








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