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Many times Dajon Associates is able to perform in essence a field supervised lamination process. An epoxy repair can be both structural and non structural . Dajon provides for both operations. Some of our repairs are as simple as cosmetic repairs to prevent further delamination of a glued laminated member to as complex as full penetration high pressure injection to restore the structural integrity of a compromised member. Dajon often works in conjunction with structural engineers to determine the extent of complexity of the epoxy repair. It is important to realize that epoxy repairs can save a significant amount of money by avoiding the partial or complete replacement of a structurally compromised member.


Project: Newburgh School


Picture 1- Newburgh School- Newburgh , NY
- The connection of the new laminations to the existing laminations is completely sealed on the exposed surface except for the injection ports. Ports are strategically placed to provide access for full penetration of epoxy and proper ventilation of air which is displaced by epoxy.

Picture 2- Newburgh School- Newburgh , NY
- Example of new glue line created by epoxy injection . All exterior epoxy gel and injection ports are sanded off.

Picture 3- Newburgh School- Newburgh , NY
- Many different areas can be worked on at the same time since the epoxy repair requires various different stages.








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