Reinforcement of existing structures
Deteriorated glue laminated tudor arch amputation
Failed tension member (Bottom Chord) - Modified bow string truss
Structural shoring services
Epoxy injection and re-lamination
Field Inspection Services
Furnish & install glue laminated structures



Various Projects

Dajon Associates provides 24 hour emergency shoring services. The installation of emergency shoring enables the owner to both stabilize the building and have time to formulate a repair scheme while continuing to have the use of the structurally compromised facility. This temporary support system can most often be implemented with a typical repair scheme in mind. Therefore, the cost of the emergency shoring can be recaptured in the repair process.


Project: YMCA



Picture 1 - YMCA- Gaithersburg, MD
- Dajon Associates designed and installed a functional rolling bridge allowing the facility to keep the indoor Olympic sized pool full and functional. This platform facilitated the inspection and repair of deteriorated glue laminated decking.








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